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27 April 2018


  Prof Onur Hamzaoglu arrested by turkish police Date: 9 February 2018 Author: iahponline Prof Onur Hamzaoglu was arrested a few hours ago after a raid of […]
23 March 2018

Our Call to the Public/Official Authorities

  Do not destroy the values of this country! Because of his involvement in a press conference, Onur Hamzaoğlu has been under arrest for 40 days; […]
23 March 2018

HDK executive committeee demands the release of Onur Hamzaoglu

  Istanbul – February 19, 2018 The executive committee of the Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK) demanded in its press release of February 19th, 2018 that Onur […]
23 March 2018

Free Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoğlu Immediately

  Recognized for his medical investigations into environmental pollution affecting mothers and their children, dedicated to the struggle for peace, freedom and democracy, an expert on […]